Acai was initialised by Berry Labs since May 2016. This project became an open collaboration between some computer scientists and engineers ever since. Early contributors to this project include
  • Alex Wang for connecting the collaborative filtering mechanism with machine learning
  • Cheryl Zeng for managing MVPs to nurture the project from conception to a viable system and creating this website
  • Chris Hu for researching the feasibility of deep learning algorithm and engineering works with Torch
  • Constantine Feng for leading the scientific investigation
  • Doris Wang for designing the music taste game demo UI
  • Isaac Mao for designing the overall architecture as chief architect of Berry Labs
  • John Si for advising the system architecture of deep learning and building engineering frameworks
  • Payne Huang for connecting our business partners to support the music data access
  • Sander Dieleman for inspiring us with his public post on some of the methodologies we used in this open source project
  • Simon Weber for advising how to prepare for an open source project with quality
  • William Lau for developing the music taste game demo and facilitating the public repo preparation
  • Thanks all! :) music notes gif

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